I am Aliya

Education and Business Consultant


For the last 13 years, I have taken the torch that my mother passed to me, after 30 years of serving children, families and the community, and have continued to do the same. Our mission has remained steadfast and is growing each year. The LEGACY continues.

Let me show you how to scale your high-quality business!

Over the years, I have built 2 high-quality early childhood education programs generating multi-seven figures. In doing so, we never compromised who we were and have made it happen with integrity.

Areas Of Expertise

I am here to support other early childhood education owners and leaders build their BUSINESS so that it is profitable, exudes their passion, moves their mission forward, and continue to impact the children and families they serve. We are much stronger together and having support, resources and knowledge of all things related to children and families is my specialty.

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